Fun Fashion – Celebrating Famous Fashion Designer Mary Quant

March is Women’s History Month. A month to celebrate women’s contributions to society past and present. Ground-breaking women have contributed to numerous industries throughout history, including fashion. Mary Quant is just one of the world-changing female famous fashion designers who made fun fashion and who we should celebrate during Women’s History Month.

Famous Fashion Designer Mary Quant

Mary Quant was born in London in 1930. In 1955 she opened her first shop, Bazaar. After finding that the wholesale clothes available didn’t meet her needs, she decided to design her own and the miniskirt was born! She revolutionised the fashion world by offering women clothes they could move in. Mary also brought a young, fresh look to the fashion scene. The fashions she grew up with were pretty but somewhat muted in colour and mature. She also introduced bright, fun colours. She managed to combine practical with fun and playful, making her one of the most famous fashion designers of the 20th Century. She expanded her line of clothes into underwear, makeup, swimwear and rainwear.

I liked my skirts short because I wanted to run and catch the bus to get to work – Mary Quant

Mary’s innovative concepts are still worn by us today. Do you wear waterproof mascara? You can thank Mary Quant for inventing it! Do you wear tights under your skirts? You can thank Mary Quant for inventing those too! Prior to Mary Quant inventing tights, women wore stockings with suspender belts. But stockings and suspender belts could be seen under mini skirts so she invented tights.

Fun and Practical Women’s Underwear

Amity blue

Like Mary Quant’s iconic clothes, Candis Creations creates women’s underwear that is fun and practical. Just like Mary Quant sought clothes that looked great but that she could also run to the bus in, I sought underwear that looked great but that I could also run to the bus in (ok, today it’s probably more like run through the airport in rather than run for the bus!). I aim to revolutionise the ladies’ underwear scene by throwing away the stuffy comfortable knickers of the past and replacing them with pretty, everyday underwear. Candis nice panties combine women’s comfortable cotton underwear, pretty lace lingerie and fun bright colours. So join the underwear revolution today and have fun in your Candis blue panties!