Colour Your Day with Candis Colourful Underwear

colouful underwear

Colour – some of us love it and some of us find it daunting. But adding some colour to your outfit can have positive effects on your day. Colour psychology studies how colours can evoke emotions and feelings. Think about it – why are there so many large food and beverage brands that use red? Coca-Cola, McDonalds, KFC. They all have red in their logos, but why? Red triggers appetite.

There are warm colours like red, orange and yellow; cool colours like blue, green and purple; and neutral colours like black, grey and white. But what do they all mean? Warm colours evoke more powerful emotions like love, happiness and passion. Whereas cool colours create a sense of calm.

How to incorporate colour into your wardrobe

It can be difficult to incorporate colour into your wardrobe. We are affected by fashion trends and what is considered acceptable. You may not feel appropriate wearing a bright colour in the office or you may wear a uniform. But that doesn’t mean you have to go without colour. Incorporating colour through your colourful underwear is a great way to inject some pizazz into your day.

I love colour but I wore a uniform for most of my career. So when I designed Candis women’s underwear, it was important to me to include colour, colour, colour! If you love light blue, then Alice lace lingerie and Annabella colourful underwear are for you. If you want to try soft pink, then you’ll love Amity and Angelica Candis women’s panties. If you’re already confident with colour then try something more bold like Amity in bold blue or Alexis and Annabella in coral.

If you’re not used to colour, adding some colourful Candis undies to your wardrobe is a small step you can take that won’t have you feeling self-conscious. So don’t be afraid to experiment and step outside your comfort zone. Add a pop of colour to your outfit today with Candis cotton underwear today!