How to keep your women’s underwear looking and feeling its best

Women’s underwear is often overlooked when considering how to care for your clothes. But your underwear is actually one of your most important pieces of clothing and should be well taken care of. Think about it, your undies need to be clean and hygienic to protect yourself from irritabilities. Here are some tips on how to care for your Candis women’s lingerie to keep it fresh and clean.

Hand washing versus machine washing

You should always wash your underwear after each wear.  Hand washing is an option for caring for your underwear. Some care labels state hand washing only. If this is the case, then you should follow those directions. To hand wash, fill the laundry sink, tub or bucket with cold water and add a mild detergent. Make sure the sink, tub or bucket is clean. Remember where your underwear sits – you want it to be clean! Swish the underwear around and then rinse. Make sure to rinse it thoroughly to get out all the soap to avoid irritation.

One of my favourite things about Candis undies is that they can be washed in the washing machine! Simply add your Candis undies to your weekly wash of similar colours. It’s best to wash Angelica in white separately along with your other whites. Use a cold machine wash to avoid shrinkage. Don’t add bleach as this can cause discolouration.

Machine drying versus air drying

Drying your intimate lingerie in the dryer is risky. It can cause shrinkage and discolouration. Treat lace underwear with care because it is delicate. Air dry your Candis underwear for best results. This can be done outside as long as it’s out of direct, hot sunlight but inside on a clothes horse is a great method.


You probably don’t think about storing your underwear too much. But it can impact the longevity of the fabric. It’s best to store your Candis underwear in a cool, dry place that’s out of direct sunlight. Also avoid humidity. Replace your undies every 6-12 months or more often if it shows signs of wear.

Taking proper care of your underwear will help it to last longer, look and feel great which, in turn, helps you look and feel great too! So take the time to read the care label and look after your Candis underwear.