Happy Clothes

Have a look in the mirror. I have some questions for you:

  • What are you wearing today?
  • Is today’s outfit an ensemble that you carefully curate? Meticulously choosing every aspect?
  • Or, is today’s outfit something you simply threw on without much thought?

Guess what – whether you’re wearing your perfectly curated outfit or your go-to, you did put thought into your choice of clothes. You may just not have realised it. Psychologist, Professor Karen Pine conducted a study that proves that our outfit choices are heavily influenced by our mood. Both consciously and unconsciously.

If you’re feeling down today and wearing a baggy top, you’re not alone. 57% of women said they wore a baggy top when feeling low. Are you wearing a favourite dress? Then, chances are, you like 62% of women are feeling happy today. Are those your favourite shoes? Then psychology would say you’re happy!

Happy clothes

Happy clothes are the clothes you wear that make you feel good and give you confidence. According to Professor Pine, happy clothes are generally flattering to your figure, well-cut, bright colours and beautiful fabrics. Candis pretty underwear is happy clothes. Candis Creations ladies’ underwear is made from beautiful lace, well-cut and flattering and available in a variety of colours including bold blue panties and coral.

Product photo of model wearing Alexis in coral

How to use clothes to influence your mood

Don’t worry. This doesn’t mean you’re destined to wear your baggy shirt and sweats every time you feel down. You can consciously use fashion to change your mood. If you need a pick me up when you wake up in the morning, try putting on bright clothes made from comfortable fabric.

Your Candis nice panties are an easy way of using fashion to reflect your good mood or enhance your mood. No matter what you’re wearing, how you feel or how quickly you have to get ready in the morning, put on your brightly coloured Candis pretty lingerie and feel happy!