Candis Celebrates the International Day of Yoga

21st June is the United Nations International Yoga Day. This year, the theme is Yoga for Humanity. Yoga is recognised by the UN as contributing positively to a person’s health and well-being. Practising this activity can help you relax, and manage stress and anxiety. It encourages a balance between the mind and body and the world around you.

How to Celebrate the International Day of Yoga

The best way to celebrate is to simply do some yoga! You can go to a group class or do a session at home. I love yoga! I’m not very good at it but I try. And it doesn’t matter how flexible you are or if you’re good at balancing, the key is to focus on the activity and breathe. You’ll be surprised how calm you feel afterwards. You can either do a short session or a long one. I find it’s best to find a quiet room without distractions. My favourite at home sessions are Yoga with Adriene on YouTube.

What to Wear

Yoga involves a lot of slow movement and forming your body into unusual positions. To do this, you should wear comfortable workout clothes that are flexible. If you’re doing a public class, it’s also a good idea to wear a top that isn’t loose or wear a tank top under your baggy top. You’ll likely form shapes with your body where your top will fall towards your shoulders. You don’t want to be distracted trying to pull your top down for modesty.

Yoga may be a slow, low-impact form of exercise but it can still get your heart rate going and work up a sweat. As such, it’s best to wear cotton or moisture-wicking fabrics. Candis Creations ladies’ underwear is a great choice of underwear for doing yoga. It’s comfortable underwear with good coverage. It’s also best to wear cotton underwear when doing exercise as it breathes and absorbs moisture, keeping your vagina healthy. Candis women’s underwear can then also be easily and quickly washed in the washing machine after you’ve finished your workout. Don’t forget to also pack a second pair of fresh Candis women’s lingerie in your bag for changing into after your workout!