Understanding the Wash Clothes Symbols

Symbols are a great way to communicate a lot of information using a small amount of space. The wash clothes symbols were developed and set by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) to avoid language barriers on clothes care labels. But they can be confusing if you don’t know what they mean.

Understanding the Wash Clothes Symbols

Different types of fabric should be looked after in different ways to avoid damage. So it’s worth checking the washing symbols on your clothes. Washing your clothes according to the instructions will help them last longer. There are 50 different symbols which sounds overwhelming but they can be broken down into sets.

Triangle wash symbol

A triangle symbol is about bleach. A plain triangle means that bleaching the clothes shouldn’t damage them. A triangle with 2 lines inside means use non-chlorine bleach. A crossed-out triangle means do not bleach.

Tub with water

This is the washing symbol. A plain tub means to wash as normal. But a tub with 1 line underneath means a gentle spin should be used. Two lines underneath mean a gentle wash is necessary. A tub with a number indicates the washing temperature. Alternatively, the tub may have a dot rather than a specific number. This also tells you the washing temperature. One dot for cold wash, two dots for warm and three dots for hot. A tub with a hand in it means handwash only.

Square wash symbol

The square symbol is about drying. There are 2 versions of the square drying symbol. Firstly, a plain square which talks about air drying. A square with a curved line inside means dry outside on a washing line. A square with three vertical lines means air dry inside and a square with one horizontal line means dry flat. Secondly, there are squares with circles inside which are all about using the dryer. The number of dots inside the circle indicates how hot the dryer should be. One dot means low heat, two dots for medium heat and three dots for high heat. A cross through the square with a circle inside means do not dry in the dryer.

Circle wash symbol

This is the dry cleaning symbol. The garment can be dry cleaned if there’s a plain circle or a circle with a letter inside. The letter simply tells the dry cleaner which chemicals to use. A circle with a diagonal line on either side tells the dry cleaner which temperature to use. But a crossed-out circle means do not dry clean.


This is the ironing symbol. A plain iron means you can iron the clothes at any temperature. The dots in the iron tell you how hot the iron should be. One dot means low temperature, two dots for medium temperature and three dots for high temperature. A crossed-out iron means do not iron. A crossed-out iron with vertical lines at the bottom means you can iron the garmen but don’t use steam.

Twisted knot – this looks like a lolly to me! A plain lolly means you can wring the item to remove excess water but a crossed-out lolly means do not wring.

Washing Your Candis Creations Pretty Lingerie

One of the best features of Candis women’s lingerie is that, unlike regular lace lingerie, they’re such easy care! As you’ll see on the Candis care label, you are advised to wash your nice panties in cold water, line dry and do not dry clean. This makes them your easiest lace undies to care for!