How Does Wearing Sexy Underwear Make You Feel?

Word cloud highlighting feelings associated with wearing sexy underwear: confident, powerful, pretty, feminine, and more.

How does wearing sexy underwear make you feel? Confident, sexy, pretty, feminine… The list goes on. But the bottom line is, sexy underwear makes us feel positive about ourselves. So why do we only save these feelings for special occasions or when someone else is going to see us in our sexy lingerie? I believe we should feel like this every day! That’s why I launched Candis Creations everyday sexy underwear. Candis women’s underwear combines the comfort of cotton with the beauty of lace to create everyday sexy.

Let’s Talk About Underwear

With Candis Creations pretty underwear, I endeavour to eradicate the stigma that comes with lace lingerie. Do you feel a bit embarrassed walking into a shop to buy sexy lace lingerie? But do you feel embarrassed buying your cotton everyday undies? Why? Because lace lingerie is traditionally thought of as purely for seduction. But why should something that makes us feel so positive about ourselves and can completely change our attitude be confined to the bedroom? Imagine bringing that attitude to your everyday activities!

I endeavour to bring pretty underwear out of the bedroom. I want to feel badass, strong and beautiful all the time! But I’m also realistic. I know that buying pretty lingerie is one thing but being able to wear it all day, every day is another. That’s why I’ve designed Candis underwear from cotton with stretch lace detail and soft fabric trim. Candis pretty underwear takes all the best parts of your comfortable everyday undies and combines them with the best parts of your sexy lingerie!

You wouldn’t feel embarrassed about buying a pair of high heels that made you feel confident. And now you don’t have to feel embarrassed about buying pretty underwear that makes you feel just the same.

You’re never sexier than when you’re completely comfortable in your clothes – Vera Wang