Supporting Veterans with Candis Lace Lingerie APOD Discount

lace lingerie discount

Candis is proud to support veterans by listing a discount for Candis lace lingerie on APOD. APOD is Australian Partners of Defence.

What is APOD?

APOD is an organisation showing support for Australian military veterans by offering military discount offers. Current and former Defence members and their immediate family are eligible to sign up. APOD was launched in 2012 by veteran families. The purpose of APOD is to provide a method for Australian businesses, like Candis, to say thank you to Defence members and their families for their service. The APOD mission is to:

make providing benefits and recognition to our members simple and rewarding for businesses and to provide our members with easy access to local and national discount offers across all industries, not just travel and leisure.

What has pretty underwear got to do with the military?

I’m a veteran. I swapped my full time Air Force camouflage and steel capped combat boots and launched Candis. Designing lace briefs seems like a far cry from saluting and aircraft. But I was a Logistician. I worked in the areas of procurement, supply chain design and management and warehousing. So these skills have provided the foundation for the operation of Candis.

Setting up a system which effectively allows you to buy lingerie online and have your ladies’ undies delivered straight to your door in a beautifully wrapped package, requires all these skills. So it’s thanks, in part, to the skills I learned as a military Logistician that enabled me to take selling women’s underwear online from a dream to a reality!

So I feel it’s important to show my support for veterans and offering an APOD Defence Discount is one way to do this.

How can I access the Candis APOD offer?

To access and utilise the Candis APOD offer to buy your lace lingerie, you need to be an APOD member. Visit the APOD website to check your eligibility. If you’re already a member, you can access the Candis lace lingerie APOD Defence Discount here.