How Couture Influences Candis Lace Lingerie

Candis Annabella in light blue lace lingerie

It’s Fashion Week in Melbourne! The Melbourne Fashion Festival is held each year and celebrates fashion with numerous events. The fashion show is an iconic part of the fashion industry. Have you dreamed of going to Fashion week? Well, this year, you can! This year, the Festival is even more accessible by offering virtual fashion shows. So how does couture influence Candis lace lingerie?

As a lover of fashion, my bookshelf is full of fashion books. One of my first fashion memories was my Mum unzipping a black coat bag to reveal a Chanel little black jacket. I admired the quality of the sewing, the cut and the elegant design of the garment. I appreciated little touches, like the chain sewn into the hem to ensure the jacket hung well. It’s these small details that make something quality.

Growing up admiring couture design houses and learning to sew my own garments, has greatly influenced the design of Candis lace undies. Chanel is my biggest influence.

Chanel built her business from the ground up. Despite being a luxury brand today, she started designing clothes for the everyday woman. Chanel strove to challenge the uncomfortable fashions of the day by creating clothes for women that were comfortable, practical, and stylish. She used a lot of jersey in her garments for comfort and ease of movement.

How couture influences Candis lace undies

Candis pretty underwear aims to challenge the typical view of lace underwear. Lace undies are generally thought of as garments to be worn when someone else is going to see them. Typical lace lingerie is uncomfortable because it’s not designed to be worn for an extended period of time. Let’s be honest, it’s designed to be worn for a few minutes then thrown on the floor.

But why does this have to be the case? We should be able to wear pretty underwear all day every day because we like pretty underwear. Candis women’s lace underwear is designed to be everyday sexy. It’s made from cotton jersey with stretch lace detail. This means it can be worn all day, every day whilst also being pretty lingerie.

Candis pretty underwear is also designed with small details which add to it’s quality. Candis pretty lingerie is trimmed with fabric rather than elastic. This means the edges won’t rub and chaff. It also gives the nice panties a smooth edge. And the gusset is sewn all the way around. This means the fabric won’t roll over time.

Candis pretty lingerie is the perfect balance between sexy and comfortable, couture and everyday wear. Candis lace lingerie is affordable luxury. You deserve to feel pretty and comfortable in your pretty underwear so buy your favourite Candis nice panties design today and feel everyday sexy!