The Fascinating History of the Colour Pink

colour pink

The colour pink is very popular with many fashion brands, including lingerie brands. Candis Creations is no different! I love the colour which is why it’s the brand colour for Candis women’s underwear. The colour comes in so many varying shades ranging from calm pastel to vibrant and bold hot. But this beautiful hue wasn’t always recognised as its own colour. Can you imagine a world without pink?!

The history of the colour pink

Pink is a derivative of the colour red. It’s made by mixing red with white. But where red symbolises passion and strong energy, pink tends to represent softer emotions like love and compassion. Records show that ancient Egyptians used the colour. And Romans used the colour for wall paint, cosmetics and dyeing fabrics. The Romans called the colour ‘rosa’ meaning ‘rose-coloured’. But the ancient Greeks didn’t have a word for pink; they considered it a shade of red.

It wasn’t until the Renaissance period that this colour really took on its own identity. It was during this period that pink became a fashionable colour for clothes. During this period, pink clothes were a sign of wealth and luxury due to the cost of pink fabric. The colour was achieved by dyeing the fabric using the root of the madder plant. This resulted in multiple shades from light to dark pink.

The name ‘pink’ comes from the flower dianthus plumarius or, pink flower named by a Greek botanist. But surprisingly, it wasn’t the bright colour of the flower that inspired its name. Because remember, the Greeks didn’t consider pink a separate colour from red. Pink meant ruffles. The ruffled edges of the flower inspired its name and the term ‘pink’ was soon adopted as the colour due to the flower’s colour.

Today we’re lucky that pink is readily available. How disappointing it would be to see a noblewoman in a beautiful pink dress and not be able to have such a colour in your own wardrobe! So if you love pink too, try Candis sexy lingerie Amity or Angelica in pink and have a happy pink day!