Galentine’s – Celebrating the Importance of Friendship


February is the month of love. The shops are adorned with love hearts and lingerie brands decorate their shop windows with sexy lingerie. But at Candis Creations, we don’t just limit February to the celebration of romantic love. We like to celebrate all types of love! And one of the most important types of love is friendship. So we love to celebrate Galentine’s!

What is Galentine’s?

If you’ve watched Parks and Recreation starring Amy Poehler then you’ve probably heard of Galentine’s Day. And if you haven’t watched Parks and Recreation, I highly recommend you add it to your watchlist! Amy’s character, Leslie is the inventor of Galentine’s Day – an annual celebration of female friendship. The great thing about Galentines is that you can have more than one and you can celebrate together!

Why does Candis celebrate friendship?

Female friendships are a bond that provides support and understanding. It’s often our friends who we turn to in times of stress for emotional support. The compassionate words of wisdom from our friends are often what get us through the hard times. We have a great ability to empathise and understand each other. It’s by talking to friends that we often realise we aren’t the only ones feeling this way. But our friends are also the women we turn to to have fun!

Candis Creations celebrates friendship through our women’s underwear design, Amity. Amity is of Latin origin and means friendship. The two lace panels on the front of Amity women’s panties beautifully represent two friends. The bright pink and blue underwear is perfect to wear on a fun girls’ night out!


We encounter different types of friends throughout our lives depending on our situation at the time. As a very wise neighbour once said to me,

Friends are for a reason, a season or life – Kate

But no matter which type of friend, friendships give us a sense of belonging. This belonging and connection helps us handle stress and increases our happiness and well-being. It can be difficult to make new friends. But the perseverance and effort is well worth it in the end.