Underwear Day – Encouraging Body Image Positivity

Two women showcasing the importance of women's underwear through their joy and comfort in a lush outdoor setting.

Happy Underwear Day! Underwear Day was established in 2003. It’s an annual event that promotes and encourages body image positivity.

Body image definition

Your body image is how you feel about your physical self – how you look and how you believe you look. A key to body image is that it’s internal and about how you see yourself, not about how others see you. Your body image is created by your thoughts, feelings, attitudes and beliefs. The Butterfly Foundation states that our body image includes:

Our shape, size, weight, gender identity, and the way our body functions for us.

Your body image can be positive, negative, neutral or a combination.

Your body image can impact how you interact with your environment. Having a healthy and positive body image means you’re comfortable with who you are and know there’s more to you than your physical appearance. A negative body image can mean forgetting you are more than just your looks. Unfortunately, a negative body image can lead to illnesses such as anorexia. Which is why it’s important to try to maintain a positive body image.

Body image positivity

The Australian Government provides the following tips for improving your body image:

  1. Focus on the positive aspects of your body
  2. Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable in your own skin
  3. Positive self-talk
  4. Try not to compare yourself with media images that may not be true depictions of real people

Candis is a company founded by a woman for women and designs women’s underwear that makes us feel good about ourselves. Candis cotton and lace underwear aims to challenge traditional views such as:

  • to feel sexy, women have to wear uncomfortable nice panties
  • that feeling sexy is only appropriate if someone else is going to see your lace lingerie

The only opinion that counts when it comes to your body is your opinion! Try to stay positive and celebrate the things you love about you. You are perfect just the way you are.

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