Why Candis Undies Are Your Best Summer Underwear

Summer has finally arrived! The sky is blue and the sun is shining. The heat is heavy and even small activities like a short walk to the letter box work up a sweat. Summer time means it’s time to start dressing sensibily for the heat. And that means, cotton undies every day! Candis Creations pretty underwear is your best summer underwear.

Heat means sweat. Even doing the lightest physical activity, like sitting outside sipping a gin and tonic, works up a sweat in the Australian summer. It’s more comfortbale to wear natural fabrics during the hot wearther that wick away moisture.

Why are Candis undies your best summer underwear?

Candis ladies’ undies are your best summer underwear because it’s made from cotton. Cotton is a natural fabric that wicks away moisture. This helps reduce sweat build up. Sweat build up can be uncomfortable but also result in an unpleasant odour and increase the liklihood of yeast infections. Cotton is also a soft fabric meaning that Candis is also comfortable lingerie. It’s much more pleasant feeling comfortable in your clothes in the heat. But wearing comfortable cotton underwear in the summer doesn’t mean your underwear has to be boring. With Candis undies, the comfort of cotton is combined with the beauty of lace so you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for beauty even in the summer!Product photo of model wearing Alexis in coral

Summer is also a great time to brighten up your wardrobe with colourful clothes. And your underwear is no exception! Annabella and Alexis are two Candis ladies’ underwear designs that come in the bright, fun colour, coral. Pulling on colourful, pretty underwear that’s also your comfortabe, cotton underwear is a fun, easy and practical way of brightening up your summer wardrobe.

But what if I’m wearing a light colour? Don’t worry, we have you covered too! If you’re wearing a light coloured summer outfit and are concerned that coral will show, you can wear Candis white lace underwear, Angelica!

Stock up today on your Candis underwear and feel pretty and comforatble all summer long!