What Is Classic Fit Underwear?

There are so many different shapes and styles of ladies’ undies. The different shapes are all slightly different which can be overwhelming and confusing. You may choose which style to wear based on your outfit or which activity you’ll be doing that day. But the key is to choose a shape that is comfortable for you. Candis Creations currently specialises in classic fit ladies’ underwear. Why is the inaugural collection of Candis pretty underwear classic fit and what does classic fit underwear mean?

What Does Classic Fit Underwear Mean?

Candis classic fit lace briefs offer a good level of coverage. The waistband sits at the top of the hip. The leg is not cut too high or too low but rather, in the middle. The back provides full coverage of the buttocks and the front comfortably sits between the legs with no bunching.

Why Does Candis Currently Specialise in Classic Fit Briefs?

Product photo of modeal wearing white lace underwear

Their shape provides good coverage and the height of the waistband means they comfortably fit under most clothes. They are one of the more versatile shapes of ladies’ undies. Whether you’re wearing them as everyday undies or for a special occasion, the shape is flattering and comfortable.

I’ve been asked a number of times if the Candis classic fit lace underwear will be comfortable to wear with a caesarean scar. The beauty of the classic fit is that the waistband sits a few inches higher than a caesarean scar. Alexis, Amity and Angelica are all styles of Candis lace undies that also have soft cotton at the front sitting over the scar.

Will Candis Creations Expand into Other Styles?

Yes! The plan is to expand the Candis range of pretty underwear to include other shapes of ladies’ undies. Designs are already underway. So watch this space!

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