Why Does Mum Say Cotton Underwear is the Best for Women?

There are so many different fabrics to choose from when buying women’s underwear. When buying lingerie, it’s easy to forget about the material. But it’s an important feature to take into account. If you’re looking for everyday ladies’ undies,  then cotton is the best underwear for women to wear all day, every day. Growing up, your mum probably told you to wear cotton underwear. Sometimes mother does know best. And telling you to wear everyday cotton underwear is one of those times. But why?

Cotton underwear is breathable

Natural fabrics, like cotton, breathe. This allows for airflow which, in turn, dries out any dampness. Dampness can easily build up in your ladies’ underwear. If your ladies’ underwear doesn’t dry out, this dampness will spend all day pressed against your skin. This can cause an unpleasant odour or irritation. But you can reduce this problem by simply wearing women’s cotton underwear every day instead of underwear made from synthetic material.

Cotton is comfortable

Cotton is soft so is comfortable. Women’s cotton underwear tends to be less itchy than synthetics. Because it’s soft and comfortable, cotton underwear is suitable for all activities. This means you can wear your cotton underwear to work, the gym, the shops, and out for dinner. Just make sure you change into a fresh pair of ladies’ underwear after the gym.

Cotton underwear can be sexy

Traditionally, cotton underwear has been associated with unsexy nana knickers. But not anymore! Candis pretty underwear combines the comfort of cotton with the beauty of lace to bring you everyday sexy undies! This makes Candis underwear unique. You no longer have to have buy separate comfortable cotton underwear and sexy lingerie made from uncomfortable synthetic fabrics that don’t breathe. No matter what activity you’re doing, you’ll feel pretty and comfortable in your Candis cotton and lace lingerie.

So Mum’s right, cotton underwear is the best underwear for women. It’s time to throw away your synthetic fabric undies and replace them with Candis cotton and lace everyday sexy undies!