Women Bring New Perspectives to Male-Dominated Industries

Three professional women in dark pink attire against a pink background, representing different careers: a doctor with a clipboard, a blonde fashion designer with a sketchpad, and a programmer at her laptop.

In November we celebrate the birthday of Dorothea Erxleben. Haven’t heard of her? She was born in 1715 and became a very modern woman becoming a wife, a mother to 9 children (5 of whom she was stepmother to and 4 of her own) and Germany’s first female doctor. She’s a woman we should celebrate for fighting hard to break barriers in the previously male-dominated medical industry.

Women, like Dorothea, bring different perspectives and approaches to traditionally male-dominated industries. This is a leap towards innovation which is invaluable in driving industry transformation.

The Power of Diverse Perspectives

Diversity, in any form, bring new thoughts and experiences to a team. A new perspective often challenges the status quo. Women in particular, often bring a more creative approach to problem-solving and a more collaborative and inclusive approach to team management. This environment encourages creativity from the whole team.

The value of women entering male-dominated industries cannot be overstated. Their fresh perspectives, collaborative approach, and ability to challenge traditional norms are vital for innovation, team dynamics, workplace culture, and economic prosperity. As more women break these barriers, they’re not just participating – they’re reshaping the industries for the better.

Candis Reshaping the Lingerie Industry

Candis Creations is a women-owned and led lingerie brand where all undies are designed by a woman for women. This perspective has changed the way we see women’s everyday underwear versus sexy lingerie. Where traditionally, these are viewed as two separate forms of women’s lingerie, Candis challenges this status quo. From a woman’s perspective, why do pretty and comfortable have to be mutually exclusive? It doesn’t! At Candis, we know from personal experience what is comfortable and what isn’t. Who better to design women’s underwear than the women who will be wearing it!

We believe it’s important to remember women like Dorothea. Women who fight for what they believe in and fight to challenge the status quo.