Women’s Health – International Gynaecological Awareness Day

Over half the population is female so why is discussing many women’s gynaecological health still considered taboo? As a result of this stigma, many women suffer in silence. One woman is trying to change that. Kath Mazzella is the mother of International Gynaecological Awareness Day which was celebrated on 10th September. To accompany International Gynaecological Awareness Day, Kath also launched the Undies for Better Understanding campaign. This campaign encourages people to decorate cardboard ladies’ underwear and display them throughout their office or shopfront. Seeing cardboard ladies’ undies hanging in an office or shop window is eye-catching and hopefully starts the conversation.

Kath is a survivor of gynaecological cancer (you go girl!). On her brave journey, Kath realised how little we know and discuss gynaecological issues. As a result, she’s become a voice for change. One of her actions was to officially declare International Gynaecological Awareness Day. This is a day to talk put the spotlight on women’s gynaecological health issues. But not just the physical problem. International Gynaecological Awareness Day also prompts us to acknowledge the social, emotional and psychological effects.

Why women’s gynaelogical health isn’t just “girl problems”

It may be women who physically suffer from gynaelogical issues. It may be women who experience the physical pain of gynaelogical issues. But the flow-on effects affect everyone. Partners or parents look after us when we’re sick. Children miss out on time with mum when we’re sick. Co-workers fill in when we’re sick. We cancel plans with friends when we’re sick. “Women’s Problems” are everyone’s problems.

Why am I, the founder of Candis Creations women’s lace underwear, talking about this? On a personal note, the lack of awareness, discussion and funding around women’s gynaecological health issues is close to my heart. As a business designing women’s pretty lingerie, it’s reasonable to assume that this topic is close to the heart of numerous women who love to wear Candis lace lingerie. So we shouldn’t be afraid to talk about it! Talking may help you emotionally and may help you find a treatment. Someone you talk to may have a similar story or know someone who does and might just point you in the direction to receive the  help you deserve.