Support Small and Help Keep Dreams Alive

Support Small September is an initiative to encourage Australians to shop at small businesses. Tori Packer launched the imitative  as part of the Small Business Community.  Support Small September also coincides with Business Women’s Day. Candis Creations is a small ladies’ underwear business operated by a woman who simply wants to empower women to be able to wear lace undies all day, every day.

Why Support Small?

It may surprise you to learn that Australian small businesses actually have a significant impact on the Australian economy. According tot he Australian Retailer Association, small businesses account for one third of our economic output. Australian small businesses provide employment for millions of Australians. Did you know that almost half of our wages in Australia come from small businesses? But I bet you think of the big name brands when you think of the shops at your shopping center. That’s why Support Small September is an important initiative for all of us.

How Can I Support Australian Small Businesses?

The Australian Bureau of Statistics’ Retail Trade survey shows that there’s been a significant increase in online shopping due to COVID. When you shop online, do you search the product or the shop name? Do you automatically go to the websites of big brand because that’s what you know? By going straight to the website of the company you know, you may miss out on a great product sold by a small business. So, for example, next time you’re looking for women’s underwear online, rather than going straight to the website of the store you walk past in the shopping centre, Google terms like pretty underwear or comfortable lingerie and scroll down to Candis Creations.

Some of Candis Creations’ Favourite Small Businesses

Some of my favourite Australian small businesses are:

By supporting a small business, you’re helping businesswomen like me keep our dreams alive so thank you for your support!