Candis Celebrates: Underwear Day!

Underwear Day

Candis Celebrates Underwear Day on 5th August! Underwear Day is about celebrating our body image and self-confidence. It reminds you to believe in yourself!

Lingerie is normally hidden. The nickname unmentionables highlights that it’s a taboo subject. Underwear Day encourages us to celebrate these pieces of clothing. Everything is on show if you’re only wearing your ladies’ underwear. You should be proud of the body your nice panties reveal!

Setting the World Record

The Guinness World Record for the largest gathering of people wearing only breifs was set in 2011. 2,270 people wearing only their knickers gathered in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. Once they set the record, They participated in a fun run.

How to celebrate

Underwear Day was founded in 2003 by Freshpair to shine a light on unmentionables. We tend to be quite shy when it comes to talking about our lace lingerie. But why? Everyone wears them. We all have a favourite style, a favourite pair. So celebrate that pair today! Put on your favourite pair of women’s underwear! Isolation is the perfect excuse to wear only your pretty underwear for a day! Make your undergarments your outer garments!

Wearing Candis lace underwear is perfect to celebrate this day. By wearing Candis undies, you can comfortably and confidently wear your nice panties all day! The cotton and fabric trim means you’ll feel comfortable no matter what activity you’re doing. Alexis or Alice in black would be an excellent choice if you’re working from home and want to maintain a corporate dress code. Angelica in white is a good choice to wear while doing housework as the bleach won’t create discolouration! No matter what activity you’re doing, the colours and lace details Candis lingerie will help you feel pretty while doing it!

So put on your favourite pair of Candis undies and join us in celebrating Underwear Day!