Underwear Fun Facts – How Many Pairs of Undies do you Own?

Fun Facts

Underwear has been around for hundreds of years. There are so many types of pretty lingerie that fills our draw – undies, bras, camisoles, petticoats, lace, cotton just to name a few. We wear women’s underwear every day! So here are some fun facts about underwear.

Fun Facts About Underwear

  1. The average British woman owns 34 pairs of underwear. The average American woman owns 21 pairs of panties. 10% of women own over 35 pairs of undies. How many pairs of undies do you own? I stopped counting my collection when I reached 40 pairs of knickers!
  2. Do you own any g-stings? Did you know they were invented by a man? The g-string was invented in 1939 by the Mayor of New York City because he felt the nude dancers revealed too much!
  3. Do you feel moody when your underwear is uncomfortable and giving you a wedgie? You’re not alone! 27% of women report that their mood is affected when they wear underwear that’s uncomfortable, old or unattractive. So, put on your Candis lace lingerie to avoid feeling down! Candis nice panties are specifically designed with comfort and prettiness in mind!
  4. Colour-blindness was discovered by John Dalton when he accidentally gave his mother a pair of saucy knickers as a present! He should have given her a pair of Candis ladies’ underwear. Each order comes beautifully wrapped in tissue paper with the Candis seal so make a lovely gift for any special lady!
  5. Ever wondered why Superman wears his undies on the outside? Superhero costumes were designed in the 1930s and were based on the costumes of circus performers and wrestlers who wore their panties on the outside!
  6. Kalsarikannit is Finnish for getting drunk and home in your underwear!
  7. Tutankhamen was buried with 145 pairs of underwear! He proves that you can never own too many pairs of undies!

These fun facts about underwear give you something to think about next time you reach for today’s pair of undies!