Facts About Underwear

Facts about underwear

Welcome to the second in the series revealing fun facts about women’s underwear! Considering ladies’ undies are an item of clothing we wear every day, we know considerably little about them. So here are some more fun facts you can think about whilst putting on your Candis pretty underwear tomorrow!

  1. How many pairs of undies do you wear at once? One? Not Jack Singer from New York – in 2010 he broke the record for wearing the most pairs of undies at once. He wore 215 pairs! You’d have to own a lot of Candis underwear to beat that record – lucky we’re offering free shipping Australia wide until 31st January 2021 and to the United States and Canada for Black Friday and Cyber Monday!
  2. A great way to avoid wedgies is to wear your everyday sexy, comfortable cotton and lace Candis undies. But if you’re Candis nice panties are in the wash and you’re having to wear your uncomfortable lace lingerie today then you’re probably experiencing a wedgie! While you’re browsing the Candis shop to make the most of our free shipping offers, you can think about how the term ‘wedgie’ doesn’t come from the shape of the potato wedge chip but the wedge heel!
  3. How old is your underwear? 15% of women own underwear that’s five to nine years old. And research shows that some women owned some of their underwear for longer than they’ve been with their partner! Sounds like a Candis Gift Certificate would make a perfect gift for those women this Christmas!
  4. Someone once stole half of Queen Victoria’s underwear! Just goes to show, you never know who’s going to see your underwear so it’s best to wear pretty undies!
  5. In 1945, the Japanese Emperor’s surrender speech was smuggled out of the Imperial Palace in a basket of women’s underwear!

Now you have some fun facts to think about when you’re putting on your Candis everyday sexy undies tomorrow!

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