Underwear New Year Resolutions That You’ll Want to Keep

New Year Resolutions

We start the year with good intentions by setting New Year resolutions. that we fully intend to keep and work towards. But, let’s face it, by March, you’ve already either broken them, tried them but given up because they’re too hard or completely forgotten about them. That’s because we tend make unrealistic New Year’s Resolutions. But here are some great underwear New Year Resolutions that you’ll actually keep and enjoy doing so! And not one of them involves losing weight, dieting or not eating chocolate!

New Year, New Undies!

Make 2021 the year you treat yourself to new pretty lingerie! 15% of women own underwear that’s between 5 – 9 years old and some women own undies they’ve had for longer than they’ve been with their partner! Sort out your underwear draw using the Candis step-by-step guide on How to Make Room for More Pretty Underwear so you have plenty of room to buy lingerie that’s new, pretty and comfortable.

With Candis, it’s easy to buy lingerie online from the comfort of your own home that combines your lace lingerie with your comfortable ladies undies. To make this New Year’s resolution even easier to keep, Candis is offering FREE SHIPPING Australia wide on all orders until 31st January, 2021.

Embrace colour!

Is your draw full of beige underwear? Yes it’s practical but is it fun? NO! Make 2021 the year you embrace colourful pretty underwear! Colourful underwear can be worn most days. Candis underwear comes in a variety of colours – black, pink, blue and white lace underwear so there’s a colour for every mood your in and to suitably go under most outfits. If you’re wearing black to the office, you can either match your suit by wearing Alexis in black or Alice in black or you can add a bit of colour to your corporate attire by wearing Amity in blue or pink!

So, instead of setting yourself impossible New Year’s resolutions that deprive you of fun (like eating less chocolate), set yourself these underwear New Year Resolutions that you’ll actually keep and love doing so!