How to make room for more pretty underwear

A collection of Candis lace underwear in assorted colors on a pink backdrop, embodying sustainable underwear recycling 2024.

Is your underwear draw overflowing? Is your knicker draw filled with lace briefs that you never wear? When you open your draw, are you faced with having to wear ugly undies all day just because they’re comfortable? Do wish there was a way that you could combine your pretty lace lingerie with your comfortable knickers to create the ultimate lingerie underwear? Well now there is! With Candis pretty underwear Australia!

Candis pretty underwear is made from cotton with soft stretch lace detail so it’s the perfect combination of comfortable ladies underwear with lace briefs! You can never have enough pretty underwear but how do you make room for it all?

Here is a step by step guide on how to clear out your old undies and make room for your new Candis underwear.

Step 1. Empty your draw

A new year is always a good time to sort out your underwear draw. Go through both your pretty underwear and your comfortable underwear. If you have the space, completely empty your undies out of your underwear draw. Then sort your undies into four piles:

  • underwear you actually wear
  • Briefs that don’t fit
  • Knickers that aren’t comfortable
  • Panties that you never actually wear

Step 2. Repack your draw

Only put back in your draw the underwear you actually wear. Throw away the undies you don’t wear, that aren’t comfortable and don’t fit. You’ll suddenly have a lot more room in your draw. So what do you do with all this new space? Buy new pretty underwear of course!

Step 3. What underwear should I buy?

Don’t make the same mistake as you have in the past and buy lace briefs you’ll never wear because it’s uncomfortable. But also don’t buy ugly underwear just because it’s comfortable. Buy Candis underwear that combines comfortable and pretty underwear in Australia!