Carla Zampatti: an Inspiration to Candis Creations

Girl wearing Alexis in black

Carla Zampatti died on 3rd April 2021. She was an inspiration to Australian fashion brands. She was a successful businesswoman, mother, wife and grandmother.

Carla Zampatti was the founder and Executive Chairman of her self-named clothing brand. Her clothes have been popular with Australian women since 1965 which makes her one of Australia’s most successful fashion designers. Princess Mary of Denmark, Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Nicole Kidman have all worn her designs. She designed clothes that made women feel confident.

A true inspiration for Candis pretty underwear

Carla Zampatti is an Australian fashion and businesswoman icon who built her business from the ground up. She started with a small collection in 1965 which grew into numerous boutiques in Australia and New Zealand. She provided women with empowering, elegant and timeless quality clothes.

Candis Creations empowers women by providing timeless quality cotton and lace briefs. Unlike Carla Zampatti’s clothes, Candis nice panties are not visible on the outside. Instead, Candis lace lingerie gives women confidence from underneath. Candis Creations allows you to buy lingerie online that will make you feel confident and empowered regardless of where you are in the world.

Carla Zampatti was appointed as a Member of the Order of Australia for her services to the fashion industry. When this award was elevated to Companion of the Order she highlighted the contribution women make to business and society,

[This award] also represents that women today are contributing enormously to the wider community in many ways including business, so I feel like it’s not only my award but an award for others.

Carla Zampatti is a true role model. As a budding Australian businesswoman, mother and designer, I greatly admire Carla and her wonderful achievements. Thank you for showing me that dreams can come true and inspiring me to follow mine!