Why do we wear underwear? Should I wear underwear today?

We’ve been wearing underwear (or a version of) for centuries. We’re taught from a young age that underwear is part of our daily clothing. But do you sometimes wonder “why do we wear underwear”? It is it simply fashion or modesty if your skirt flies up? Is it so that if we’re in an accident, the doctors see us in a fresh pair of undies? Or are there more important reasons as to why we wear underwear?

Why is it necessary to wear underwear?

There are numerous benefits to wearing clean, well-fitting underwear. Especially if it’s made from a breathable fabric like Candis ladies’ underwear that are made from 95% cotton.

Wearing ladies’ undies provides a barrier that helps protect you from infection. This is particularly the case when wearing bottoms (like jeans) that you don’t necessarily wash after every wear. Bacteria builds up on clothes over time. Wearing nice panties helps protect your private parts from these bacteria.

Lingerie underwear can also help protect you from chaffing. Imagine if your denim jeans were rubbing up against your private parts. And the crotch seems of trousers and shorts. This could be very uncomfortable but wearing ladies’ undies like Candis cotton and lace briefs prevents this discomfort.

As well as protecting you from your clothes, wearing underwear like Candis pretty lingerie also protects your clothes. Undies help protect your clothes from any leakage. Any leakage will be caught in your Candis lace briefs, so your clothes stay clean and dry.

Undies, especially pretty undies can boost your self-confidence. No matter what clothes you’re wearing, wearing Candis pretty lingerie underneath can help you feel that bit more confident. Your Candis ladies’ undies also prevent embarrassment if your skirt flies up or when getting out of your car.

So, if you’re thinking “should I wear underwear today?” the answer is yes! You should always wear clean, well-fitting underwear, preferably made from cotton.