Creating Quality Women’s Cotton Underwear

Alice in light blue

This year, World Quality Day will be celebrated on 12th November. This day celebrates customer focused companies that strive innovate and improve products to create and improve customer value. This year, the theme is Creating Customer Value by being a customer-centric business. Candis women’s underwear is a customer focused company and strives to create quality women’s cotton and lace underwear.

Designed with quality in mind

Quality starts with the design of Candis lace lingerie. Candis nice panties are designed with the customer and quality in mind from inception.

  • Gusset: the fully enclosed gusset (sewn all around) means the edges won’t roll over time.
  • Care label: the care label is specifically placed on the side, facing the back of your lace undies. This means you can’t see the label from the front which would disturb the pretty design. It also means it’s less itchy than a care label placed at the back.
  • Fabric trim: Candis panties are designed with a self-fabric trim to avoid rubbing and chaffing. Elastic trim can be harsh but fabric trim is soft which is more comfortable between your legs and around your tummy.


It took two years from the idea of Candis pretty underwear to launch. This was which largely due to the time it took to find a manufacturer who could produce a quality pair of undies. Many sample pairs of underwear were tested from multiple potential manufacturers. The samples were vigorously tested. Examples of issues I faced when testing samples from manufactures who were not selected as the final Candis underwera manufacturer were lace fraying after only one wash and gussets not being sewn all the way around.

The final manufacturer was chosen because they brought the Candis underwear designs to life in a high quality manner that I am proud of.


A pair of Candis undies starts at only $14.95 because Candis underwear is everyday underwear. So, Candis lingerie is priced so that customers can realistically afford to wear Candis undies all day, every day.


Each Candis order comes beautifully wrapped in tissue paper with the Candis seal. Candis undies are something that should be enjoyed. It makes me smile when I receive a beautifully wrapped order in the mail so I hope receiving your Candis underwear and wearing your Canids undies brightens your day!

Visit the Candis shop and order your pair of quality women’s cotton and lace Candis underwear today!