Every woman is unique and beautiful like a snowflake

Every woman is beautiful and unique

It’s only 8 days until Christmas! We are putting up our decorations and Christmas trees. Like many of us, one of my Christmas tree decorations is in the shape of a snowflake. The snowflake is an iconic Christmas symbol despite Christmas being during summer in Australia. We celebrate the beauty of snowflakes and they say that each snowflake is unique. Every woman is unique and beautiful like a snowflake. At Candis Creations, we encourage women to celebrate their beauty and uniqueness by designing comfortable and pretty lingerie that can be worn every day.

Why is each snowflake unique?

A snowflake’s beauty is celebrated and admired. Scientists haven’t found two snowflakes that are the same. Why is it that every snowflake is a different shape?

Snowflakes begin as a single particle. The shape of the snowflake changes and develops as it grows. It falls to the ground as it grows and becomes heavier. The environment determines the shape of a snowflake. As it falls, the snowflake experiences different conditions. Different temperatures, air currents and humidity. Each snowflake reacts to the changing environment differently and continues to change shape as it grows. A beautiful and uniquely shaped snowflake is the result.

Every woman is like a snowflake

Women are all unique and beautiful in their own way. No two women are alike. We each react to situations differently and grow from these experiences (whether they are good or bad). We never stop growing and changing as we encounter new environments. The result? A unique and beautiful woman.

Candis Creations encourages women to celebrate being unique and beautiful. Normally, pretty underwear is designed to be seen by someone else. Sex appeal is the priority over comfort. But Candis women’s lace underwear is unique in that it is designed to be pretty and comfortable underwear. Cotton and soft stretch lace are core design elements of Candis knickers. Candis lace undies are for women who want to wear pretty underwear all day, every day because it makes them feel confident and good about themselves. We should be able to wear pretty underwear because we want to not because someone else is going to see it. Like a snowflake, Candis underwear is lingerie like no other.

So, celebrate being unique and beautiful by wearing Candis comfortable and pretty lingerie and feel everyday sexy.