The white snowflake: white lace underwear

Anglica is Candis' white underwear

Angelica is Candis’ white lace underwear. White lace undies are versatile because they can be worn under most colours. It’s handy to have white underwear in your draw to go under light coloured clothing. White lace undies are also great for travelling. When you want to pack light, you can pack your Candis Angelica in white which will go under all your clothes without being seen.

Like a snowflake, every woman is unique and beautiful in her own way. Candis endeavours to encourage all women to celebrate their beauty and uniqueness. We do this by giving women the ability to buy lingerie that is comfortable and pretty underwear at an affordable price.

A key component of Candis lingerie is the fact that Candis underwear is nice panties that are made from cotton and lace to create comfortable and pretty lingerie and that they are available in various colours.

Colours add fun and variety to our lives. But they can also convey messages and hold special meanings. This is called colour symbolism. Context, culture and time are important to consider when assessing a colour’s symbol. What do you think of when you see a pair of white lace undies?

Colour psychology is the use of colours to evoke emotions, impact our mood, feelings and behaviour.

The colour white

White is a positive colour. It is considered the colour of perfection. White is often linked to purity. It also represents freshness, simplicity understanding, safety and softness.

If you’re starting a new chapter in your life, put on your Candis Angelica white lace underwear as white can also symbolise a successful new beginning or fresh start.

Fun Facts about white

Sweet Dreams – according to the ancient Greeks, wearing white to bed ensures pleasant dreams.

Doctor Doctor – why do doctors wear white coats? White represents cleanliness. This is also why hospitals are often painted white.

The sun appears white when viewed from space. It’s the Earth’s atmosphere that makes it appear yellow.