Lady Duff Gordon – The Mother of Pretty Lingerie

Girl wearing Candis pretty lingerie

24th April is Lingerie Day! As a pretty lingerie brand selling women’s underwear online, Candis Creations likes to celebrate Lingerie Day! A celebration of pretty lingerie isn’t complete without discussing the mother of lingerie – Lady Duff Gordon. It’s thanks to her that you’re reading this wearing comfortable Candis lace lingerie rather than a tight-laced corset.

Where does the term lingerie come from?

Lingerie is a French word meaning underwear. It was first used in the 1920s to describe women’s underwear. Specifically, the term lingerie describes lightweight female underwear. But I hear you say, isn’t all women’s underwear is lightweight? Yes, today it is. But not at the turn of the 20th century. The lightweight, comfortable lingerie we wear today is a relatively new concept. Previously, women wore wearing tight corsets that shaped the body. Today, women’s underwear is designed to fit the body.

From tight-laced corsets to Lady Duff Gordon’s lace lingerie

Comfortable underwear is something we wear every day and take for granted. So how did we go from wearing uncomfortable tight-laced corsets to comfortable lace lingerie like Candis pretty lingerie? For this, we owe British designer Lady Duff Gordon a huge thank-you!

Lady Duff Gordon launched her fashion brand, Lucile, in 1890. She believed that women should dress from the inside out. Meaning that women’s underwear is also part of your outfit. In that case, your lingerie should be pretty lingerie rather than purely utilitarian. Lady Duff Gordon was a pioneer in creating nice panties. She designed lace lingerie and used sheer fabrics. Her pretty lingerie was considered provocative and was designed to enhance a woman’s sensuality and femininity.

Candis lace lingerie resonates with Lady Duff Gordon’s values about women’s underwear. Candis nice panties combine beauty and comfort and celebrate women who want to feel everyday sexy. So celebrate International Lingerie day by embracing Candis everyday sexy underwear that celebrates your femininity and sensuality!

Happy Lingerie Day! And next time you’re chilling in your undies drinking your coffee, toast Lady Duff Gordon.