Power Dressing: Candis Undies are Your Power Lingerie!

Power dressing for the 2020s

Power dressing today has evolved since the 1980s. Power dressing is a method of conveying strength and confidence. This style of fashion emerged in the 1980 but is still popular today. A power suit starts with power lingerie!

Why did women start power dressing?

The 1980s was a significant era for women. Our workplace roles evolved from being primarily support staff, such as typists, to central roles. Women were the lawyers, not the lawyers’ secretaries! This was a win for women and for that we are grateful. But with these new positions, came the feeling that women had to dress like men to be successful in a man’s world.

Power dressing of the 1980s took on a masculine silhouette. Big shoulder pads (the bigger the better!) and straight skirts to mimic the suits of male colleagues. This look was so popular that big-name designers such as Karl Lagerfeld and Valentino even designed women’s power suits. Yes, women jazzed up these outfits with big hair, blue eyeshadow and matching handbags and shoes but, ultimately, it was still a very boxy look that hid the woman underneath. It was thought that this was the look required to convey power and authority.

Power dressing for the 2020s

Power dressing for the 2020s is dramatically different from the power dressing of the 1980s. Despite giant shoulder pads and giant hair going out of fashion, power dressing is still on trend. Clothes affect how we feel. It’s called enclothed cognition. Dressing confidently can make us feel more confident. Which can be useful in the workplace.  But power dressing is no longer only made up of masculine silhouettes.

Today, power dressing is anything that makes you feel confident! It can be a well-tailored pant suit that highlights your curves. It can be a feminine dress. You can wear any colour from grey to bright yellow!

Power dressing today has taken on a subtly sexy vibe. It can be traditional tweed with a touch of pink. A pencil skirt that hugs your curves. A sensible warm winter coat in blue or bold red.

Candis undies are your power lingerie!

Candis Creations embraces this new form of power dressing. We encourage women to feel empowered by their femininity. Candis lace undies are perfect for wearing under your power suit. Candis pretty underwear is designed to be everyday sexy – comfortable whilst also helping you feel confident and sexy! With Candis women’s underwear, you can wear lace lingerie every day that’s comfortable and pretty!

So, come dressed as yourself! That’s what will give you confidence. Start with a good foundation. So choose your pair of Candis power pretty lingerie today!