Candis Celebrates: Compliment Your Mirror Day

Candis Celebrates

Candis celebrates Compliment Your Mirror Day this Friday 3rd July! Compliment Your Mirror Day is a day about self-acceptance and acknowledging that you’re strong, smart and beautiful. The day calls on us to celebrate both what’s on the outside and what’s in the inside.

What is self-acceptance?

Self-acceptance is embracing all aspects of yourself – your favourite aspects and not so favourite aspects inside and out. Taking part in Compliment Your Mirror Day can help us to stop judging ourselves. Steps to self-acceptance include:

Be kind to yourself and patient with yourself

Be positive

Believe in yourself

Don’t give up

Why does Candis Creations celebrate compliment your mirror day?

Three of the Candis values are confidence, respect and courage. Candis is built on the foundation that it’s important to have self-respect and the confidence and courage to be true to yourself.

The Candis Creations vision is,

To empower women to feel confident and everyday sexy.

We aim to achieve this vision by delivering women sexy, pretty and comfortable everyday pretty lingerie.

Sexy and pretty underwear shouldn’t just be for special occasions. We should feel confident and sexy every day! But it’s difficult if our ‘sexy underwear’ gives us a wedgie! And makes us too hot down there. That’s why Candis nice panties are made from cotton with soft stretch lace detail so you can feel every day sexy all day, every day!

How can I celebrate Compliment your mirror day?

Use this day as a day to treat yourself and congratulate yourself for becoming the person you are today. Wearing your Candis ladies’ undies can help remind you what an amazing person you are each day, not just on Compliment Your Mirror Day. So treat yourself to a pair of Candis lace undies and feel beautiful, confident and sexy everyday!

Be proud of who you are and what you bring to the world!