Candis Organisational Values: Respect, Integrity, Courage

Candis values

The Candis organisational values are confidence, quality, integrity, respect and courage. These values are the principles and standards that are important at Candis Creations. They guide decisions and behaviour. Values represent the standards Candis Creations expects of itself and employees.

The organisational values of confidence and quality were discussed in Candis Values: Confidence and Quality. But why were respect, integrity and courage chosen as Candis values?


Respect includes both respect for yourself and for others. The two go hand in hand. It’s easier to gain the respect of others if you have self-respect. Candis values both these aspects of respect. It is important to remember that respect can be hard to gain but easy to lose. One way of gaining the respect of others is by showing integrity. Candis aims to create a respectful environment where everyone feels comfortable expressing themselves.

So next time you’re going to a brainstorming meeting, wear your Amity pink panties or blue panties. Remember, it’s what underneath that counts!


Integrity includes being honest and standing by your morals. It’s important to do the right thing simply because it’s the right thing to do. Integrity is important for a business to be honest and fair and for individuals. Candis believes it’s important to create a respectful environment where everyone feels they can be honest without judgement. Integrity should be rewarded and encouraged.

Honesty and sticking your principles takes courage. So next time you need to stand up for your morals, wear your Angelica in pink panties or white lace underwear.  Always be true to yourself in Candis lace undies!


Courage is to be brave and confident. Candis Creations believes it’s important to have the courage to be yourself and express yourself. Sometimes we need a little help to be courageous. Candis underwear can help you. This is called enclothed cognition. Scientists have proven that what we wear can influence our emotions and how we feel.

Next time you need help being brave, put on your Alexis black undies or coral and feel courageous!

Have the courage to show the world who you are in Candis undies!

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