What Makes Candis Ladies’ Underwear Unique?

model wearing Candis underewar

Candis pretty underwear isn’t your standard cotton women’s underwear. Nor is Candis pretty lingerie your standard lace lingerie. The idea for Candis Creations cotton and lace undies grew from a love of pretty underwear but a lack of comfortable, pretty underwear being readily available. So, what makes Candis ladies’ underwear unique?

Candis ladies’ underwear is designed by a woman for women! Candis pretty underwear combines the comfort of cotton with the beauty of soft stretch lace. They are designed for everyday wear no matter what activity you’re doing.

Candis underwear brings together comfortable everyday ladies’ underwear and sexy lace lingerie to create everyday sexy!

Ladies’ underwear with comfort and beauty combined

Candis nice panties are designed with comfort and beauty in mind from the beginning. They are made from 95% cotton, 5% spandex with soft stretch lace details. The gusset is cotton and sewn all the way around so it’s comfortable and won’t roll after a few wears.

Does the elastic trim on your women’s underwear rub and leave red marks? This won’t be a problem with Candis pretty underwear! Candis nice panties use soft fabric trim in a matching colour for comfort.

Do the care labels on the back of your undies tickle? Not with Candis pretty lingerie! The Candis care label is specifically placed on the side, so it won’t tickle! It’s also placed to naturally sit facing back so it won’t ruin the look of your pretty underwear.

Love pink panties?

Ladies’ underwear shouldn’t just be grey or nude. With Candis pretty underwear, you can choose from a variety of colours including sexy black, practical white, fun blue and pretty pink panties!

If you love pretty underwear but wish it was comfortable enough to wear every day then you’ll love Candis underwear! So why not try a pair today? At only $14.95 a pair and with free Australian shipping on orders over $50, it’s easy and fun to feel everyday sexy in Candis pretty lingerie!